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Here at Ricks Front Door Refinishing we carry on with the same quality of Customer service, and awesome door restorations that we have served Houston for the past 13 years. 

With over 21,000 door refinishings under our belt,  we understand the door refinishing business better than any of our competitors.  No door refinishing company in The Greater Houston area has refinished more doors or installed more weather stripping than us, and that's a fact. 

We are the leader in our industry, no matter what their websites say.

 Our family piano business was a great training ground to learn the craftsmanship of refinishing wood. Piano refinishing had to be perfect with an almost flawless finish.

Because of the seasonal nature of the piano business, money was tight, 

so it was always, 

"chicken one day and feathers the next"

In the off seasons we refinished furniture and rebuilt antiques to make ends meet, thus increasing our proficiency at refinishing wood.


This same attention to detail that we had for piano and furniture refinishing

 is passed down as the gold standard for our quality control.

Our company has trained and nurtured more young men and women to be professional refinishing craftsmen than any other company. 

This talent will stay with them for the rest of their lives.  The joy is watching them grow and hone that craft outside of our company as if our own children.

In order to give our craftsmen a sense of purpose and accomplishment we have a scale system set up that measures their skill sets and work longevity.

A beginner employee would be rated as an Apprentice and they would work their way up to be a Master Refinisher.  A Master Front Door Refinisher will have had to refinish a minimum of  1,000 doors. 

We have had the pleasure of training 6 Master Refinishers.


We Promise

 to work diligently to make you proud of your decision to choose 

Rick's Front Door Refinishing as the company to beautify your home.

We Promise

to come back and fix any problems that arise after we finish the job,

for up to 6 months. This includes stuck doors, loose hardware, or weather strip issues, just to name a few.


 We know that home foundations settle and make door alignments difficult, but we will do everything in our powers to make sure your doors will operate as best as possible before we leave. 

We will constantly strive to earn your trust and respect.

Refinishing Prices

Sanding Door

Single Door - Single Side $300 6'8" - 8' doors Completed in 3 - 4 hours*


Double. Doors - Single Side $600 6'8"- 8' doors  Completed in  5 - 6 hours*



Side Lites and Transoms $150 ea.


Over sized Doors, Sidelites and transoms 

will be price negotiated 

Armor - 2 Add'l Coats $50 ea.

  * Additional Protection * By adding 2 additional coats of Marine Grade Spar Urethane w/UV protection  (Armor Coat) to your Beautiful Front door now, you are extending the life of your doors finish.  

Refinishing Services

Wood Doors

Fiberglass Doors

Garage Doors

Wrought Iron


Porch Post 

Best of the Best Packages

Package 1

8'Single Door

Single Door-Single Side

Door Bottom Weather Strip

Casing  Weather Strip

Armor Coating

Was $600 Now $500

Package 2

8' Double Doors

Double Doors- Single Side

2 Door Bottom Weather Strips

Casing Weather Strip

Armor Coating

Was $1050 Now $950

Package 3

Single Door, 2 side lites, Transom, casing

Single Door - single side, 

2 Sidelites, Transom, Casing , 

1 Door Bottom Weather Strip , 

Casing Weather Strip  

Armor Coating  

Was $1600 Now $1500

Package 4

Single Door, 2 sidelites, casing

Single Door-Single Side 

2 Sidelites, 


1 Door Bottom Weather Strip 

Casing Weather Strip 

Armor Coating 

Was $1250 Now $1150

Additional Weather Stripping

Weather Stripping

 *Weather Stripping* 

Which door are you seeing light around? 

Light means a hole, a hole means bugs.

Got Bugs?

Electric bill rising?

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Beautifying Your Neighborhood One Door At A Time

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