Beautifying Your Neighborhood One Door At A Time

Proven Process

Our Proven Process after 21,000 doors

Two man crews will arrive at 8 for the first appt. and between 11 - 1 for the 2nd

  • Door is removed from its hinges and a piece of plastic put in its place.
  • Door is taken to the street.
  • We can replace the old weather strip around door if you want it.
  • Old finish is chemically stripped down to the bare wood.
  • Door is washed to get all stripper residue off wood to get a good adhesion.
  • Minor damage is repaired at no additional cost (dents, scratches, loose trim). 
  • Door is thoroughly sanded to insure the smoothest possible finish.
  • A premium stain is applied for a perfect and uniform color of your choice. 
  • We SPRAY 4 coats of Helmsman UV protecting spar urethane, Awesome Stuff! 
  • At this time we install your new (door bottom) weather-strip if you wanted it.
  • Door is re-installed, hardware is re-installed and ...Voila... Another Pretty Door!

Whew!   All That to give you the best Refinished Door In Houston

​We strive to make your experience with us as enjoyable as possible.

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Door Refinishing Houston

Weather Stripping in Houston


Weather Stripping

Weather Stripping

 Weather-Strip Replacement
(rubber, vinyl or metal)​​

Is your electric bill out of control?
Under normal circumstances, 
your weather stripping should be replaced
every 7 to 10 years due to deterioration. 

We have 7 Trucks that carry all
your weather strip needs.
Vinyl or Copper around door.
Rubber or Metal under the door 

Threshold Replacement
Is your threshold scratched and worn? 
Would you like to change the color of it? 
We can change it out and beautify your house.

Door Adjustments
Is your door hard to open?
 Does your door drag on the threshold? 

Experts at Refinishing Fiberglass doors 
We make your Fiberglass Door
look better than new!

Garage Doors
We can refinish those ole wooden 
garage doors in a snap

Hardware replacement
Change the look of your door. 
We can replace that old handle set. 
(We do not carry inventory)

Kick plate (6" or 8") 
If you buy it, we'll install it

We install Peep Holes 

If you buy it, we'll install it

Door Refinishing in Houston


Spraying Door


  •  $300 Single Door 1 Side 
    Completed in 3 - 4 hours*

  •  $600 Double Doors- Single Side
     Completed in  5 - 6 hours*
    * Under Normal Conditions.
  • Side Lites and Transoms
    $150.00  ea.
  • Over sized  Sidelites and transoms
    Will be price negotiated

  • Armor Coating 
     $50.00 ea. door side 
    * Additional Protection *
    By adding 2 additional coats of
    Marine Grade Spar Urethane w/UV protection 
    (Armor Coat) to your Beautiful Front door now, you are extending the life of your doors finish. Saving money in the future and adding value to your home NOW.​ 

  • Weather Stripping and Door Refinishing in Houston

Color Chart

Minwax Stains

 This color chart is only an example of the color ranges.
This will not be an exact color of your door because of the condition, age, and type of your doors wood.
We do not guarantee your door will be an exact match, but we will do the very best job we can. 

Weather Stripping and Door Refinishing

           The most popular color in Houston is Red Mahogany 

Time Disclaimer

Refinishing times that are posted are  only estimated times. Situations beyond our control such as traffic, excessive damage repair, hard to strip finishes, just to name a few, could prevent us from being on time. Please bear with us and be patient. This is a difficult Craft that is not an exact science. We will call you before our appointed time slot ends, in order to give you a heads up.