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Sarah a master door refinisher greeting the homeowner

   You guys are the BEST front door refinishers in Houston. HANDS DOWN!

 Love my new front door it looks amazing can’t wait till this “Texas weather” decides what it wants to do and I can enjoy it in a few days. A shout out to the two you f gentleman who were courteous,friendly and very meticulous in his work. They need a warm fire now. I will certainly recommend your company and will call you again on any future projects. Again a Big Thank You enjoy weekend and STAY WARM. :)

Donna H    


David and his co-worker were wonderful!! They refinished my door on Friday and took 12 painstaking hours to make certain it was perfect. Turned out my door is fiberglass but David insured that it could still be refinished. I love the door; the color is beautiful (espresso) and I love the glossy finish. I saw it before it was covered and can’t wait to uncover on Wednesday evening. Many kudos to David and his assistant and A Pretty Door.

Description Of Work: I had my door refinished by another company and they did a horrible job. Ricks did as advertised. They stripped down the doors layers, stained and applied polyurethane. 
Member Comments: I must say I had waited a bit too long to refinish my door, so I had my door refinished by another company. All they did was re-stain on top of all the mess and add polyurethane. It looked horrible. Let me just say that my door receives full sun and is a 9 foot door. The door was weather beaten and I was left thinking about buying a new door. The crew came on time gave me my estimate and started working. They took the door off the hinges stripped and repaired the door. They re-stained and applied polyurethane. I did pay extra for an extra coat considering the elements that give it a beating. I have to say it looks great! My 9 year old door looks like new. 
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Member Comments: 
The work was started and completed on schedule, the guys were very professional and I have had many nice compliments on the door since it was completed.

Description Of Work: Strip & refinish front door, replace weatherstripping.
Member Comments: Excellent quality. Very satisfied.

Congratulations Cory to your 5th anniversary. You are an awesome craftsman, keep up the great work!

Description Of Work: Ricks Front Door Refinishing did the front door refinishing.
Member Comments: They were great. It was a very professional approach. They removed, refinished, installed and cleaned up after themselves. It was worth what I spent. 

Description Of Work: Refinished the exterior side of our front door; inspected and replaced damaged weather stripping on all exterior doors (total of 3).

Our townhouse is about 5 years old and we purchased it a year ago. The inspector pointed out the damaged weatherstripping in his report, but we put off getting it replaced. I finally decided to do something about it this spring when I noticed that the stain on the front door appeared to be wearing off. I went to Angies List to do some research and, based on the reviews, contacted Rick's.
My first point of contact was Terry, who explained the entire process to me over the phone. I could have had the work done much sooner, but I needed to schedule on a Saturday, so I had to wait about 8 weeks. Terry did call me whenever an earlier appointment was available, but I decided to wait it out. My point being, it is not that difficult to schedule the work, if you don't need a Saturday.
I got a reminder call prior to the big day with the names of the workers who would be there. They turned up about 15 minutes early. I showed them each of the doors and then they went to work. It took a couple of hours but we hardly knew they were there. Dudey and Tim were super nice and explained how to inspect the weather stripping and replace it on our own.
I was amazed at what a difference it made on the front door! It looks brand new! 
Overall, it was a 5-star experience and I would definitely recommend Ricks to anyone needing this kind of work done.

Dear Terry:
Your technicians Blake and Mack, did a terrific job: punctual, clean, methodical, with pride in what they do, having an eye for quality, and no short cuts.
I have paid $435.00 including the marine sealant and the weather strip that they talked me into!

Email from A Customer:
Hey Terry,
I am ashamed to have just recently responded to your survey and wanted to followup personally with one or two more comments. We were truly impressed with the craftsmen and their work on our front door. It didn't look this good when it was new! 
The day dawned cold and windy and I was prepared to receive a call from them to reschedule
due to the weather. But they showed up on time and ready to get after it. Which they did. When they left, all my expectations had been met to the max.
What a great experience from beginning to end. The only bummer is I didn't properly commit our craftsmen's names to memory. If you could indulge me in sharing those with me I really appreciate it.
Thanks from a very satisfied customer,
Linda R

My front door was resealed with marine grade varnish. Looks great. They also checked seal on front door.
Member Comments: They were very efficient and were done in a short time. Door was resealed and looks great.

Description Of Work: Refinish front door
Member Comments: 
The communication and service were great! They should up on time and completed the work within 3 hours. My only concern was with pricing. I was quoted $325 however I was then informed that they could provide additional coating but for additional cost. Also I felt there pricing for side door insulation was a little too pricey and as a result declined to have it done to my doors.

Overall the experience was great except for the pricing issues

Refinished my double front doors, installed weather strip on another door, replaced hardware

Member Comments: Jason and Dudey (Truck 4) arrived 15 minutes early the day the work was done and waited patiently in their truck until I noticed them and let them begin work. The work involved removing the front doors, stripping the old varnish and stain off the doors to bare wood, re-staining the doors the color we selected, and applying 4 coats of Helmsman UV protecting spar urethane, re-installing the doors, putting up a paper barrier to protect the doors while the urethane cured (5 days), and re-installing the new hardware on the day the protective paper could be removed (a second trip at no extra charge). The door work was done under a cover they provided in the street behind their truck so we didn't have anything to clean up. Jason and Dudey were professional, knowledgeable, experienced, friendly, and neat. What more could you ask? Rick initially called to explain the work and was very patient and thorough. He described the process in detail and explained the sequence. He gave me the pricing and answered all my questions. Terry, the scheduling coordinator, was also fantastic. I had a few questions left over (they popped up several days after I spoke to Rick or I'm sure he would have answered them) and she thoroughly answered all of them It was obvious that she also was quite familiar with the operation. She too was patient and thorough. Jessica, Office Manager, was also quite helpful. She sent me everything I asked for (description of the work, insurance certificate) within a very short time of my request, without hesitation. The final outcome is beautiful and our doors look brand new. They even open and close better than before the work! This is a superbly run company and their attention to detail is remarkable. I almost hope I have some door problems so I can use them again! They were all great and anyone needing services they provide should definitely call them.
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Member Comments: They did a great job. I have already recommended them to someone else

Strip down, restain and refinish the front door. Also, replace entire-frame door seals on 4 doors. Front door finish is worn from heavy exposure to the sun. 

Member Comments: 
Two-main crew arrived on time, removed the front door and proceeded to strip down. One man stripped the door while the other worked methodically on replacing the seals around all 4 doors. When all was stripped, I had to select the particular stain. I also elected to add additional finish coats since my front door faces south without shade. When done, they hung the front door and placed a covering over it with instructions not to remove for 7 days to allow the door to cure. In total, the work took about 6-1/2 hours.

I did have them return a month later because 2 of the 4 doors were not sealed at the bottom--a fair amount of air was blowing in at the threshold. To be fair, the crew had told me during the initial work that I had to replace two of my door thresholds. I took that to mean that they were faulty in some manner but the crew meant that these thresholds were not sealing and needed to be replaced soon. Rick's crew returned and added extra sealing material so that there is no gap at the threshold anymore. I offered to pay as it was not their fault but they did not charge me for this.

The door is stunningly beautiful, as evidenced by the attached pictures, and all 4 doors are sealed well. Next step is to replace those two problem doors. I would definitely have Rick's do work for me again. Outstanding job!

Description Of Work: Refinished front and back doors

Member Comments: Add-on were a bit much for weatherstripping. Expected better discount I did 6 doors.

The cost for doors themselves were reasonable

Description Of Work: Even though my front door was only 1 year old, it needed refinishing.  My solid mahogany door did not have a quality finish when my house was built .  There were paint marks from the door frame and overall, it needed to be stained a darker color.

 Member Comments: 
On March 17, the first team who refinished my door was courteous and professional; however, the end result was poor.  The door had tiny 'blond' spots that did not receive the stain evenly, and the door was very rough even after the last coat had dried. 

Without hesitation, Rick's Front Door wanted to provide us with a finished product that would meet our expectations.  The second team (John and Eric) was knowledgeable and professional. They re-finished my door on April 17th.  Now, my door truly looks like a rich, dark piece of fine furniture.  The gloss shine is perfect and the stain complements the brick and stucco façade of my home.

I was impressed by the quickness of action to correct the problem and by the expertise of the second team. 

 Crew took the front door off and used the inside of our garage as their work space. They sanded down the door and re-stained it. The door was put back in the frame and plastic taped in front of the door to alert people not to touch it. Slight problem with the plastic sticking to the door due to a light breeze. I notified the company and they came back out and repaired the minor issue
If you are working on your home -- you know how difficult it can be to find skilled people that are respectful of you and your property -- Ricks will surpass your expectations. 
The two company representatives showed up on time, responded to all my questions, helped solve a few issue and made my old door which I was going to get rid of -- look new again

They did everything they promised. They did a tremendous job and I have referred them several times to others. They have also been happy with his work. I am now on their maintenance program where they come and tune up the door every year or so.

Devon and another man (cannot remember his name) refinished my door. I cannot say enough about Devon. The young man was the epitome of a professional. H is an outstanding young craftsman. He should be the person that teaches and trains other young men that work for them. They did an outstanding job on my door. (The other young man was also very professional.) It was really in bad shape, especially at the bottom of the door. My door gets the hot western sun in the afternoon and back-splash from rain. It now looks brand new. My husband and I are so pleased with the results. I have had the door "refinished" in the past and it never really looked like new. This time it was a perfect job! Thank you so much for the professional craftsmanship! It is a hard commodity to find now days.

Not that well. I had the work scheduled for right after the holidays. Two workers came out and one was a trainee. The quality of the finished job was such that the door was stripped again and redone within the month. This was done by the company and I did not make a request of them. They did not believe the quality was up to their standard. While doing the job over, stain got on my wall. I now have to repaint the entry and hope i have extra paint someplace or can get a good enough match. The next problem arose when putting the door hardware back on. They never could get the lock to work after multiple visits. I called Baldwin and they said it was an installation issue. The hardware had been on the door for 15 years with no problems at all. Finally after about 3 months the company paid to have a locksmith come in and make the repair. Unfortunately just this past week, the doorknob fell off the door again. I did not even bother to call the company again. They probably would have fixed it but I was tired of dealing with the hassle of multiple phone calls, scheduling etc. 

The people were very nice and I believe they truly wanted to do a good job but it just did not happen for me. The price, had there not been all the issues, was competitive but I downgraded them on it due to all the problems. 

Removed front door, sanded it. Applied new stain, and protective clear coat. Replaced weather strip on bottom of door. We only had the outside done, as inside was still fine. They removed and replaced all hardware. They removed the weather stripping around door frame, and then covered the door with a double layer of plastic, which stayed in place for 3 days. My husband replaced the weather strip around the door frame himself after the 3 days (was $15 at the hardware store).

Member Comments: .They were on time, and everything went great. Door looks fantastic. They offered to come back and do the weather stripping around the door frame after the 3 days. They replace the existing stripping for free, or will replace it with new stripping for $90. But we just did it ourselves. We bought new for $15, and it only takes 2 minutes to install.
The providers were all very friendly. The office called after to see how it went, and sent a survey as well.
I would use them again when the time comes.

They had to come back 3 times to finish the job properly. They didn't argue or debate the follow up visits, they continued to come back free of charge until I was completely satisfied. At the end of the day, they completed the project to my satisfaction and I would work with them again.

They refinished our front door.
Member Comments: They were very pleasant to work with. Richard and the receptionist Terri were very easy to work with as well. They did a great job

Refinished front door, armor coat, replace door weather stripping
Member Comments: Cory, the owner's son, and another individual performed the work. They schedule two doors a day and I was second. Cory kept me informed on timing and though a bit later than the original estimate, there were no surprises. Personally I didn't want them to rush my door and didn't expect them to rush others'. They arrived, verified color and finish options, and began to work from their refinishing truck. They were courteous and careful, and the work they performed was excellent (they actually used tweezers to remove dust particles after the finish coat!) Price was actually slightly cheaper than quoted on the phone as Cory had a spare 5.00 off Armor coat coupon.
They left with care instructions and put up a barrier in front of the door to keep the sun off my door until it fully cured (the door faces southwest). The final result is better than I had hoped on a door that had severe sun damage. It looks brand new

Refinished front door
Member Comments: The workmen arrived promptly and got right to work. While it was a case of "third time's the charm" before we were satisfied, I want to strongly emphasize that these folks were a dream to work with. It was an old, very weathered door, and final results couldn't be determined until the finish was completely dry. Every time we called, they were quick to convey that they wanted us to be completely satisfied and, ultimately, we certainly were. You won't go wrong choosing this company

Refinished front door and replaced weatherstripping on 2 doors
Member Comments: Good

Refinished front door and replaced insulation strips and adjusted door locks.

Member Comments: They did a great job.

Rick's Front Door refurbished my west facing front door.  The door itself was in terrible condition faded yellow areas even though only 4 yrs. old and a mahogany finish.
Member Comments: I was researching some other items when I came across this company today, I have to say though that my service was performed last year (can not recall exact date for sure either).  I never submitted a review but they deserve it.  I did not actually use Angie's list to find them, rather I found them in "The Home Mag".  I only went to Angie's list after the job was ordered.  In my personal experience I rarely spoke with anyone, but always had to leave a message; however, it was ALWAYS returned shortly (less than 24 hrs).  I has very impressed with the young men who showed up and did the job without fail, I will us them again for sure.  I also now only use Angie's to find contractors, regardless the size of the job.

I am sorry for the late review!

They took off the door, stripped it and refinished it with the high gloss.
Member Comments: The door looks really awesome with the brush nickel hardware on my door. I had it stain it a dark chocolate, espresso brown. He also gave me other names and numbers for some of the other work that needed to be done for the door. Richard, who did the staining, asked me to check it before done, it looks beautiful! I love it, it's just the way I wanted it to loo! I had a coupon that I forgot to give it to him at the time and when I called the person who answered the phone sent me out a check for the savings, no questions asked.

Refinished our front door and installed new weatherstripping; installed new weatherstripping on back door.
Member Comments: Our front door was faded and weathered, and the weatherstripping was worn.  Matt and a helper showed up exactly on time, removed the door, and completely refinished it.  Then they removed the weatherstripping from the front and back doors and replaced it with new weatherstripping.  They were finished in four hours, cleaned up everything and left.  They even gave us a discount from the original estimate.  We're very satisfied.
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Refinishing of exterior side of front door.
Member Comments: Terri has been very helpful in answering questions and providing scheduling options.  The door being refinished is fiberglass and requires a different refinishing process so I wanted to ensure they have experience with fiberglass doors.  The work is scheduled for next month.

   I used Ricks Front Door Refinishing LLC to refinish my front door. I have a 10ft. front door.
Member Comments: Ricks Front Door Refinishing LLC had given me a discount because I am an Angie's List member. I did quite a bit of research before I selected them,  I found them on Angie's List and another magazine, they came highly recommended, their ads were professional, their prices were not more than other companies, they had more trucks that I had seen with their name on the side and all those things made me go with them.I had no problems with them.

   They removed my front door and put up a sheet of heavy plastic. I had asked them to refinish the door and they offered to put on an extra two coats of sealer saying that it would protect the door for three years for an extra charge of $45.00. I decided to go with it. When they finished and put the door back up I noticed it was not the same blonde color of my original finish. I asked about the color and was told it was still wet and would change when it dried. It did not change. I called them and spoke to them about the color and that they had taken down my weather stripping---which had never been done the previous three times I'd had the front door refinished.
They offered to come back and change the color back to the original. I decided to let it remain as it is. Then I asked about my weather stripping. We set up an appointment for 5/8/2013 between 1 and 3 pm. Thet didn't call to say they were running late. At about 3:20 they drove up and started working on my door stripping. I opened the door because the lady I had spoken with told me that they needed the door  opened to work on it. They said they didn't need the door opened. The workman rolled his eyes like I was taking up his time and that I didn't know what I was talking about. The weather stripping is sloppy and I am going to have it re-done.
Member Comments: See above. Not good.

Company Response: Wow, I don't know how to respond to this review. The facts are a little skewed. Homeowner scheduled for May 1st, between 11:00- 1:00 to have door refinished.
Craftsman arrived at 12:06 on May 1st
Before Craftsman started any work, he informed her of the damage on her door caused by the elements. ie...Sun, and Moisture. He informed her that in order to hide the damage he would have to darken the color, which she agreed upon.
2) The Craftsman had to remove the jam strip on the outside of the door frame because it would leave an impression in the finish when the door was re-hung and closed. The Jam strip was old and the rubber was falling apart. 
3) She called May 2nd stating the color was too dark (not a Blonde color) and that some material was missing on her door frame. (Jam strip). The office called her the next day (May 3rd), to schedule a return and refinish her door again and try to hide the wood damage as best we can in a lighter color. She was put on the schedule for May 7th.
3) She called on May 6th to say she was very pleased with the color after all and could we come to re-install the Jam strip weather strip. She was put on the schedule for the next day May 7th, between 2:00 - 4:00. 
The Craftsman arrived on May 7th at 3:36 to re-install the jam strip and left at 3:49. 
This is all verified by GPS tracking on the van.
My Craftsman stated that  Homeowner came out of the house asking if he needed the door opened. He said no ma'am everything is done outside. She shut the door. He said

Homeowner  was very polite

   Ricks Front Door Refinishing had refinished our double front doors. First they stripped the doors with a chemical stripper and then they sanded it smooth and then they put a protective plastic coat across the door to seal them.
Member Comments: They did a beautiful job all in one day and that too without any mess.
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the front door of my home was refinished much to my satisfaction. i would use this company again.
Member Comments: very satisfied


Our front door needed a lot of TLC. The team showed up an examined the door. They suggested I save money by not doing much to the inside of the door as it was in good shape and add some extra coatings to the exterior of the door which was in bad shape. I appreciated the honesty. It took them about 4 hours to strip and finish the door and we love the end product. Great company and service !
Member Comments: Excellent. Will hire them again.


Refinished the interior of our front door which had deep scratches made by our dogs. 
It also had paint over-spray from a recent remodel. (Door was going to be replaced)
Member Comments: The crew arrived on time. They assessed the condition of the door. Asked us pertinent questions such as
what color stain we would like, type of finish we preferred, did the lock and handle work as expected, were there weather-stripping issues. They removed the door and took it to the street where they had set up their equipment. There they did their work of stripping and staining. They re-installed the door and applied the finish.
The crew was courteous and professional and did a perfect job of cleaning up.
The finished product exceeded our expectations. It looks like we have a new door!


Rick's Door did an excellent job refinishing my front door. They called two days before the scheduled day of service to confirm the appointment which I greatly appreciated. The day of the appointment they called to let me know exactly what time they would arrive. The door was completed in about three hours. The workers had me look at the stain before they completed the process to be sure I was happy with the color. There was some erosion on the door lock set which was made by Kwik Lock. They informed me it had a lifetime guarantee and if I contacted the company I could probably get a new set. I went online, got the #, and they are sending me a new set. I would not have known this info if they had not given me this info. The door lock set does not close exactly the same as it did before, but since I am getting a new one in the mail, my husband can fix the new one when it comes in.
Member Comments: Excellent job

Rick's Doors replaced all the weather stripping on our front door, back door and a pair of French doors. They completed the job in a prompt and professional manner. I would absolutely use their services again.
Member Comments: From start to finish we were pleased with the services provided


   Our front 8' door was refinished on the exterior side; weather stripping was replaced around the door frame and the bottom of the door; hardware was replaced on the door.
Member Comments: I called to get an estimate and schedule a date for the service with Rick's Front Door Refinishing.  I was able to apply an Angie's List coupon at that point.  An appointment was made, and the details involved in the process were explained.  On the day of the appointment, the technician called me to let us know he was on his way.  One of the technicians had called in sick that day, so Richard was on his own to take down the very heavy door.  We live in a heavily wooded area, so I was concerned about the pollen affecting the process, but Richard assured me that there would be no problem.  He was right!  The finish of the door after the multi-step process of refinishing was perfect, absolutely beautiful.  Richard completed the replacement of the weather stripping around the door frame and replaced our door hardware, as well.  When all was said and done, the door fit better than it ever has and looked better than new! He covered the area around the door with several layers of paper to protect it from the afternoon soon while it was drying and curing for three days.  I am thrilled with the results!  We will definitely call Rick's again and request Richard each time.  We have had two other companies refinish our 14 year old door in the past, but no one has ever produced the results that Richard did.  Miracle worker!


   The company performed a refinish of my front door (one side), fixed the flashing around the door, and the plastic door sweep at the base of the door.
Member Comments: The company was very prompt in responding to my request for information, and provided a rough quote over the phone. They were able to schedule quickly, and arrived on time. When reviewing the list of options, I felt the base price was reasonable. There were a lot of additional services they offered for more money, some of which seemed unnecessary (and at time seemed to nickel&dime you into a much bigger final price). Ultimately, I had them refinish one side of the door, and they did a great job. The door looked like new, and they did a really good job of matching the back of the door (which was not altered). They installed new hardware on the door at no extra cost (I provided). 

The only issue was with regards to my alarm system. The magnet for the front door sensor must have fallen out while they did the refinish, and did not make it back in. The alarm system would not register the front door was closed until ADT came out and gave me a new magnet. I didn't catch it at the time, but will know to check on that before they take off. 

I would use them again. You want to make sure you know what services you want/need to avoid overpaying, but the work they did was top notch.


    They quoted a price, showed up on time did an excellent job and provided the quality of work they said they would. Could not ask for anything more than that. Easy to work with. Would recommend.


   They gave me a bid and an appt was made, they were here on time and spent the est. time on the door.  They did have to return for a few adjustments and that appt. was made and they again were here on time and completed the door.  I am very happy with the results.


   I had my front door refinished on January 29. I was extremely happy with the finished product but unfortunately the finish bubbled due to the sun. I called and talked to Terry who scheduled a different technician to come and repair the damage. When I was not happy with the results I emailed Rick and received a phone call from him within what seemed like minutes. Rick apologized, told me he would refund my money AND scheduled the original technician to come back out and re-finish the door!  This is a top-notch company and Rick and his staff are committed to quality and customer satisfaction. My door is absolutely gorgeous! My neighbors are all very impressed and I think Rick can expect more business coming his way from my street. Very highly recommended!


Dear Mr. Davis,
    I am writing to tell you how much I LOVE my door!!  Tim and his helper arrived on Saturday to re-do my front door and it is absolutely beautiful. It is EXACTLY what I wanted, the gorgeous red mahogany color and the shiny, glossy finish. It is so perfect and pretty that I go outside several times a day just to look at and admire it.  Every time I come home and see my beautiful front door, it makes me smile! 
In today's world it is astonishing to find someone who is as committed to quality and customer satisfaction as you are. I thank you for taking the time to ensure that I was happy with my door and for refunding my money when I wasn't.  You can be certain that I will not hesitate to recommend you and your company to all my friends and neighbors.  I will also be submitting a review of your top-notch company on Angie's List.
Thank you again for your exceptional service and thanks to Tim for doing such an awesome job!
Judi Goodman
1807 Leisure Ct.
Pasadena, TX 77504


Everything went as advertised--my horrible looking front door looks almost brand new.

They refinished our front doors and put new  weather stripping on all our doors....they also fixed one of the doors floor locks,
Member Comments: Have seen their adds in the local home mags and saw them at the stafford center home show....gave them my name and number and they called within a few days to set up an appointment.....they were quick did an awesome job and cleaned everything up really well afterwords....would definately use them again

Front door refinishing and weatherstripping replacement along with installing a new handle and lock, and back door weatherstripping replacement.  Plan to not use your door for 3 days if you are having it refinished and the work could take anywhere from 3-5 hours.
Member Comments: I called Rick's to refinish my front door (which had the original, 11 year old finish on it) and was to include changing out the hardware.  I selected Rick's based on the many good reviews I had seen on Angie's List and also saw their ad in the Angie's List home improvement booklet that was mailed out not too long ago.    In speaking with Terry (scheduling coordinator) I also decided to replace the weatherstripping all around my front door as well as the weatherstripping on my back door while they were there since I was getting dirt, debris and the occasional bug coming through the space where the weatherstripping had worn down .  I ended up spending exactly what they quoted me.  I was given the next available "in my area" date 1 1/2 weeks out and a timeframe of 11a-1p.  Terry did call me several days later bc there was a cancellation so they could get to me sooner, but that day didn't work for me; I did, however appreciate the chance.
Rich and another associate showed at 12:30 and called when they were 30 min out which was helpful so that I could be sure I was ready.  Rich did not have down that he was going to do any work on my back door, however said it was no problem.  He looked at both doors, explained the complete process and went over the work to be done and the prices again before proceeding.   They set up in the street and got to work immediately.  They estimated that it would be 3-4 hours worth of work however they were there for about 4 1/2  hours; after going over everything, I would say they started at 12:45 and then finished around 5:05.  Both of the gentlemen were very polite and courteous, and worked the entire time they were there.  Rich asked me to come out once they started applying the stain so that I could confirm the stain when it went on, and then after a second coat to determine how dark I actually wanted the stain.  They really wanted to be sure I would get the exact look I want and I definitely did.  Once they were done, they wrapped and taped the entryway/door up so to protect it from the elements.  The door needed tobe covered and not used for 3 days; Terry had explained this to me but I forgot until Rich reviewed everything with me.
Overall, I'm very pleased with the work they did and would both refer them and use them again.  My door looks great, and both doors close/seal very well now.  Rich did tell me that because I had a Kwikset door handle and lock I didn't have to go buy a new one; both Kwikset and Schlage have a lifetime warranty so I could have taken a picture and emailed it to them and it would have been replaced at no charge.  I wish I had known that before I bought the handle, however we wanted a new look so it worked 
out fine.

   Great Job Guys and thanks for the excellent work. Would certainly recommend to any and all. Very professional. 
Tim is an Ambassador for you  as he is very friendly.
Again Thanks as we really did need you.

Gary Havins

   You came to our house yesterday and today and refinished our wood and leaded glass front door and our wood garage door, and we are so pleased. They look wonderful, and your men who did the work were so clean, polite and helpful . We were very impressed and satisfied. We would highly recommend you to anyone.

John and Jane Jakubik

First Name : Ronnie & Kay
Last Name : K
City : Humble
Comments : We were at an estate sale recently and were immediately amazed by the front door of the house. We were told that your company had done the refinishing, so as soon as possible we called to schedule. Terry was very helpful and even scheduled the same guy that had done the door we had seen. Devon and Tito were at our house on time (even though we live quite a distance from the business location). They did an amazing job and made sure we were pleased with their work all along the way. They even stained a new pantry door in our kitchen!! They stayed until the job was done... even though I'm sure the day was longer than their normal day. Very professional job and crew!! I would highly recommend both them and your company to anyone who needs their front door refinished... and I'm sure our neighbors will be interested once the paper is gone in 3 days!! 11/8/12

  Cory and TJ came and worked on our doors and did a great job. They were very thorough and understanding and Cory answered all of my questions. He recommended a darker color for my door (I didn't see a sample) and I was really pleased. I highly recommend Rick's Front Door Refinishing & Repair!!
Judy 10/11/12

Hi Terry,

Glenn and our neighbor are both ecstatic about how our garage doors look and three other neighbors have been over to admire!  I hope it will turn into some jobs. Leave some extra business cards when you come. Thank the two crews for us for what they got done in one day.  We are looking forward to seeing them on Saturday. 

When Sara and the crews come back, we would like a copy of the invoice. Glenn forgot to ask for one.

 Thank you again,

 Anne Krum 10/18/12


Sara and another man stained our door this last Saturday.  My wife and I were very pleased with the whole operation and how they conducted themselves.  We have our own family business (20+years) and Sara is definitely a very good reflection on your company and we would recommend you to anyone.  Also the girl that we delt with on the phone and scheduling was very professional and courteous, you have a good company and everyone should be proud.

Loren Bennett 10/18/12

Hi you guys,

I thought you might be interested in the note I sent to two of my neighbors, both of whom noticed that our door had been refinished and asked about you guys.  This is what I told them:

Hi Tim and Chris,

You guys were both interested in our experience with the folks that refinished our front door so I thought I’d let you know how it went.

Starting at the beginning, Terry in the office is efficient and maintains what must be a very, very complicated schedule.  She has five teams of refinishers each of which must be scheduled and then, when there are problems, she has to “work” the schedule to get the problems fixed quickly.  From the beginning she kept in touch via e-mail and telephone which is really appreciated.  In our case she had us scheduled and noted that we did want to have the door done as quickly as she could manage so when a customer delayed their job (stuck in Europe) she called us (on a Sunday!) and we were moved up about a week.   EXACTLY what we wanted!

So when the guys arrived, on time, they introduced themselves, declined to use the garage even though it was over 100 degrees outside and humid as a fish bowl, and set up their stuff awning in the street.  They got to work immediately and, being me, I kind of pestered them at each step of their process.  They explained what and why they were doing what they were doing.  Since I’ve been refinishing gunstocks for 10 years I was impressed with their process and the materials they used.  It would be easy to use “bulk” materials, less expensive as well, but they were using the good stuff, what I refer to as “Spar Varnish,” the stuff that was invented to coat the spars of sail boats.  It has excellent durability and UV resistance and adheres really well without flaking.  We did pay an extra $50 for two extra coats of finish because the afternoon sun is brutal on the finish and the extra coats should give us another year of use before a maintenance coat is required.

Obviously color is important and Richard opened at least half a dozen different colors and applied small amounts to the edge of the door.  Then he volunteered to mix a bit of our selected color into the Varnish so the color would be “deeper” and a bit darker.  The results are perfect and while you will pick whatever color you want you can sure take a look at ours and see what you think.

So in our conversations they explained that the material could bubble due to the incredibly hot afternoon sun that we are familiar with and that if it did they would come out and make repairs to that and ANYTHING else that didn’t meet our expectations.   Needless to say that with the Boucher luck the next two days were also over 100 degrees and the finish did “cook” a bit resulting in some bubbles.  We called Terry and she squeezed us in pretty quickly. 

Richard and his co-worker came out, took the door down again, did all the same work again, but didn’t take the door down to the wood, they only removed the damaged finish, and put another coat or two on the whole door.   So, actually, I think the repairs resulted in a thicker, better finish so far from being upset I figure we got a better job than we paid for.

Anyway, I’ve always felt that you judge a company by how they react when things go wrong and Rick’s made our door 110%.  It looks better than it did when it was new.  I can recommend them without reservation.  I shopped around and their prices are competitive and the work is great. Tom

   After arriving 10 minutes early, which is almost unheard of, Richard and Cameron spent the next 5 1/2 hours providing a top quality product.  Our double doors look fantastic and I can't wait to see them dry.  They look so great, in fact, that we now have to buy new lock hardware...the old lock looks downright ratty compared to the doors.

I was extremely impressed by Richard and Cameron's professionalism, not to mention their politeness.  They took the time to explain everything to me in great detail.  They are true craftsman, not to mention gentlemen.

It was a pleasure to do business with your company and I look forward to the opportunity to recommend you to our friends. 

T. Fuller  8/8/12

  Devon and John refinished my door and it looks beautiful! They were professional, courteous and the job was completed in a timely manner just as I was told it would be.  I would highly recommend Rick's Front Door refinishing to anyone....  

Patricia 7/3/12 

   Folks,    Richard & Cameron have been at our home working hard since early this morning, Saturday 28 July. We are impressed with their work ethic and craftsmanship, and they are nice & polite guys as well! The door is a wooden screen door weathered by the sun, and it has proven to be more challenging than they or I would have expected. Throughout the day they have remained focused and professional, and we will certainly recommend them to friends and/or neighbors. 
Since our home is listed for sale and we would be inconvenienced by having the door out of commission for several days, I have asked that they come back and hang the door on Monday evening.  It has been great service and I hope that ALL of your guys are as good as Richard and Cameron. 
Regards,--Wesley Moore 7/28/12

  Richard and Cameron came and worked on our doors and did an outstanding job. They were very thorough and understanding and answered all of my questions. I highly recommend Rick's Front Door Refinishing & Repair!!
S.T. 7/20/12

  I am a first time Rick's Front Door Refinishing customer and I couldn't have imagined the experience being any better.  Both Misty and TJ arrived early and started working their magic.  We have a home that is over 12 years old and you can imagine what the door looked like, a dried up piece of fire wood to say the least.  I opted to take advantage of TJ and Misty's expertise while they were here and had them replace the weather striping which turned out great.  You will not even recognize your old door when they finish.  Misty and TJ's customer service matches the finish on the door, exceptional.  I was told they are running several crew's at Rick's with the high demand of repair's needed.  We feel we got the best of the best in TJ and Misty.  We not only have a brand new door that is more efficient with new weather striping but it's the best looking on the block.
Thank you,
The Baccus Family 6/28/12

   Devin and Richard did a fantastic job. They were timely, professional and courteous.  My door is beautiful again. I would highly recommend them to my neighbors and family. Yolanda C, Houston, 6/25/12

   Sarah came today to refinish my two 8ft entry doors. They were a total mess, cracked, dried up, years of neglect. They now look brand new, incredible, unbelievable! I'm delighted and so impressed that my house was insulated whilst the doors were worked on, no mess, no inconvenience and the doors are now protected from the elements while the finish completely hardens.  I cannot recommend your company and Sarah enough! Wait until my neighbors see the difference...I will send everyone happily to your company.  I took a before photo and can't wait to shoot the after shots once the protection comes down.  I will send them to you, please feel welcome to use them in any way you need.  Thank you, thank you....I'm so stunned with the work done.
Rose Craig,  Magnolia, 6/23/12

  T.J. & Misty were fantastic. They were on time, in fact fifteen minutes early setting up their work station area. Explained their process and offer us options as to the type of finish we wanted. Both very customer friendly. I recommend them highly. Douglas R., Hoston 6/23/12

   Excellent work by T.J. and Misty.  My front door looks brand new.  Customer service is A+.  I highly recommend Rick's Front Door Refinishing.....E.F.. Houston, 6/23/12

  Thank you so much for making our old door new again! Such a little change does so much for the look of our home.  You were very professional and ON TIME!  Thank you! E. Roberts, Missouri City...6/22/12

   T.J. and Misty were very professional and helpful. The door is beautiful. I would definitely recommend their company to anyone who needs "a pretty door" because my door now looks new, gorgeous, etc. Nancy H....Sugar Land 6/14/12

   What a great job!! Cory and Tim arrived on time and explaned all the procedure for refinishing my front door.  They were very courteous and professional. My front door is beautiful again.  I will certainly recommend your company to everyone.  Again, thanks for a great job. Delores R....Rosenberg 6/13/12

   OMGoodness...Devin and Brian just left from my house and I have to say my door looks AHHH-MAZING! Even better than when we moved in over 9 years ago. It looks awesome!!! They were both so courteous and professional and answered all my questions. They even replaced the weather strip on the back door at no charge.  LOVE LOVE LOVE these guys ;-) I can hardly wait...just three more days and I'll be able to take the white paper off and show my beautiful door to the neighbors. You guys did a fabulous job...and I will definitely recommend you. 6/13/12 Hannah L....League City
   Cory and Tim did a wonderful job on our front double doors.  They were in pitiful shape, and when they finished, my husband commented that they had never been that color before.  Of course they matched the inside perfectly.  It had been so long since we had seen them look like new that it was a real surprise.  They are beautiful.  Cory and Tim were extremely courteous and were delightful young men.  They also fixed 3 other doors that had worn out weather stripping. We are delighted with the result and signed up for the annual treatment.   
Thanks so much.  Lee and Gary V, Missouri City. 6/8/12


We are VERY pleased with our door. 

We found you on Angie's List, when I purchased a BIG DEAL.  (I have also friended your page on FB.)

 Thanks for the great work.....I will be sure to write a review on Angie's List. 

Cassaundra K. Smith  5/23/12

 The guys ( Devin) that refinished our door did a great job!  Lisa in Sugarland 5/21/12     Brian and Oscar just left, and wow--- fast, accommodating, very professional, and beautiful work. I try to be a do-it-yourself-er, but I'm hooked. Thank you.     Ella     5/17/12 

  What a delightful, educational day with a door, and two professionals who entertained my curiosity without complaint, worked diligently and left as though they'd never been here.  Oh...except for that awesome looking door!!  Sarah is quite the artist, making a daunting task look deceptively easy.  I momentarily deluded myself that I might attempt it...silly silly girl!!  They were met by a sadly neglected, weather beaten piece of wood, and suddenly I had this gorgeously finished piece of mahogany gracing my front entrance!!  I'm going to have to install another ugly wooden door so I can have you back!!  Many thanks~ Pam  5/11/12

   Door looks Great!!!! Thanks Devin....   S. McMinn 5/7/12

  Sara and her crew were really great.  She was quite professional and arrived as scheduled.  They were very careful as they removed the doors and worked all day to complete the three doors.  They did a wonderful job and the doors look like new.  I would definitely recommend them.  We have Baldwin hardware which are not easy to install but Sara put them back together in working order. It's nice to have such responsible people working in our home.
C. Hosford,  The Woodlands

   Comments : Devin was awesome.  I had different woods to match between side lights and door.  I needed a specific cherrywwod stain to match the transome and Devin delivered.  Excellent job.  I would never use anyone else if I were you! 
 Bill M City : Missouri City 4/20/12


    Thank you so much for the wonderful job Sarah and Marcus did on my really old door. They were so nice and professional - it was a pleasure getting my door redone. Thanks to Sarah's advice I'm setup now on your maintenance reminder schedule. Your service is great!  Jennifer M


    I wanted to take the time to write you a quick commentary on the crew that refinished my door today.  Brian and Oscar were awesome!  I wanted my door stained a dark black and the door was already in bad shape.

Brian was knowledgeable, insightful and very professional.  He addressed my questions and offered recommendations.  Oscar and Brian both delivered a beautiful finish on my front door and made us very happy customers.  They are a great team and should be commended for the great job they did. 

Thanks! Monica Ramirez 

 Corey and "Doody" (can't remember his first name) did an awesome job on my front door! They were here on time and finished quickly. Thanks for everything! K Reyna....Pearland...4/19/12

   Great job on our door!  Your crew did a wonderful job refinishing our front door. They were efficient, polite & hard  working & our door looks brand new again after all these years! Sugarland 4/6/12 ...Wendy S 

   Brian and team just finished my doors yesterday and they did such a great and thorough job yesterday.  The doors look fabulous!  I really appreaciated how clean they kept the work area, consulted me on the stain options and finishes and how hard they worked!  They were here from 8 a.m. to 6:30!  I will definitely be recommending your company to any of my friends that need doors refinished.

Kind regards,
Traci Romero 4/5/12 

   Devon and Richard did an outstanding job on our front door it looks absolultely beautiful . Also had new weather stripping and the the front entrance is like brand new again. They were both friendly and professional and the job was completed in a timely manner. Thanks for a job well done  Sharon D ....4/4/12

    Devon and Brian just left from my house and I have to say my door looks AMAZING! I don't think it looked this good when I first moved in. I have big dogs that clawed up my door and by looking at the door now you couldn't even tell I have dogs. Devon and Brian were able to make it look BRAND NEW. It looks awesome. They were so sweet and professional. Can't wait to take the white paper off in a few days to let the neighbors see!
Mandy Cady 

    Hello Terry. I would like to give Brian and Oscar some praise on the work they did for me yesterday. They did a fantastic job. Both were very professional and friendly I couldn't be happier with the work. Please forward this to the owner. 
Frank Soto
    Devin and Brian did an OUTSTANDING job on our doors. Devin was professional, courteous, and took pride in his work. He explained each step to us. The completed job is beautiful. 
Thank you Devin and Brian. 
Ron and Vicki Greeley
College Station Tx. 3/15/12

 You just finished my front door and it looks sensational. Crew arrived when promised and did everything that was promised and were even kind enough to answer my constant questions and still keep a pleasant attitude. Thanks for the beautiful job. J.Dobson 3/15/12

   Sara and assistant were consciencious and caring.  Thank you, they did a good job.    J V

 I basically say ditto to the comments posted 2/12 of this year.  Sarah and John did a fabulous job on our door and couldn't have been more pleasant and professional.  They did everything we hoped for and more.  Our old weathered door looks brand new and beautiful.  And it was so quick!  We couldn't be happier and just hope we have the opportunity to recommend your company as we think you are great!  Thanks for a job beautifully done. Junie Perkins 3/1/12

    Just wanted you to know what a great job Sarah and her helper did on our front door.  They brought it back to life almost like new.  I really appreciate someone who does what they say they are going to do....... L Barczewski 2/22/12 

Dear Rick,
I want to let you know how I feel about the  job that Sarah & John did on our front door today.
They did an A+ job!
 I went out for a short time to see what they were doing, and how they were doing it.
 I went out at the tail end of the stripping process.  They sure did a thorough job.
They continued to go after all the old varnish, or whatever, when others would have said it was good enough.
They went after it with knives, to get the tinniest bit left where trim pieces joined the main part of the door.
 I talked to Sarah, about their traveling work shop.  Very impressive.
 And their workshop was covered to protect their project if it started to rain.
 It was then that I made a comment, "Of course, if some blowing rain came, it would undoubtedly blow in on their work."
 "No,"  said Sarah, "We have side panels we can attach."
 Later, as they brought the finished door around to our door, there was only one thing I could say... "It's beautiful! "
Thank you for a job well done.  I would be happy to recommend anyone, for a job that will be well done!"
                                                                                                               A very happy customer,
                                                                                                                 William Schulenberg

  I am forwarding this to the Board President of our Heritage Grand community,so that they may forward it to anyone they wish to;
and to the AMI Property Manager, so that they may be aware of the excellence of your work. 

Thank you so very much for those kind words. Sarah is awesome in every sense of the word. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you. Sincerely, Ricky 

My attempt to e-mail Heritage Grand's Board President & AMI's property manager failed.  I discovered that I hadn't admitted the 2 new addresses correctly.
Shortly after sending your e-mail I had to go out.  After getting back home a half hour ago, I corrected my error and successfully sent them out.
You said "if there is anything else I can do for you ...just let me know."     Yes, there is.  Please give Sarah & John an extra pat on the back, and tell them, "Another
job well done!"  Of course, from what little Sarah shared about you, I imagine you have already done that.
It is so refreshing to find someone who puts their all into the job, to make sure it is done right.   Thanks.  Bil

  Last Thursday 2 employees of yours, Devon and Brian, did exactly what we asked and the refinished front door is all that we expected.  The 2 young men were professional and expert at their tasks.  Thank you      Harriet Roberts 2/20/12 

     The two gentlemen that came to my home were extremely professional, did an excellent job, and I will certainly recommend your company to people I know. I want to also thank Jessica for all her assistance.  You are very fortunate to have a daughter like her working with you. Glenn Perser 2/8/12

   Payment has been sent via PayPal.  I wanted to tell you that I saw the door Sunday and it looks BEAUTIFUL!!  I know Sarah had less than idea conditions is which to work on Saturday, but she did a fabulous job and I am SO happy with the way the door looks.  Thank you very, very much!!    

Judi Swalwell 2/6/12
  Devin & Brian came by today, they were very punctual and polite. They completed high quality work promptly. Hired to refinish our front, they also fixed our hinges, door mount and other pending things. They went above and beyond quality customer service with their work ethic. They are professionals and reflect high credit upon themselves and their services.
~A.G. 2/6/12

Michael C
  I was going to try and refinish my front door for 2nd time in my life.  I wasn't thrilled, but it needed to be done.  Wanting to learn some helpful tips that might make the second go around more successful, I searched the internet for refinishing front doors.  I came across Rick's website.  From the outset, it was apparent that this is someone who cares about quality and customer service.  I had not heard of Rick's door refinishing before but the description of the process and obvious passion for quality made me decide to call Rick to complete the refinishing job instead of myself.  I rarely call someone to perform work without any kind of reference,but I decided to take the chance.  Devin and crew just finished the refinishing.  They arrived on time and completed work within the expected time frame.  It was refreshing to see quality work and people take pride in their craft.  The door looks fantastic!  Will definitely recommend Rick's to friends and family.  Thanks. 

   Thanks for the great job you did on the door......Susan I. ......Humble  TX

  I wanted to say thanks to Ricks crew. Devin and Richard did a fantastic job. Very fast and professional. When a small problem arose,  they came back promptly the next day to fix it. It's great to see someone take such pride in their work. Robert B....League City 

  Crew was very polite and professional   12/13/11     M Sandburg   The guys arrived promptly and finished the job in 2 hrs and 30min.The door is beautiful!!! Could not be happier. They installed
the new hardware I had purchased and re keyed the lock without charge. They were professional and cleaned up afterwards. 

I almost bought a new front door, but am glad I had Ricks restore the door..much cheaper. 
Thanks for the beautiful door. A Dickerson

I just wanted you and Rick to know that Brian and Nick did a great job yesterday!  We had a lot going on with the door and the frame, and they were clearly committed to making it perfect.  Brian saw the door and understood our vision and what needed to happen, and took great care in getting it right.  We will not hesitate to call Rick's again in the future, and will be happy to recommend you all to our friends and neighbors!
Best regards,
Laura Cook

  Your team arrived early--about 10:30 a.m.--(to me, that's a good thing) and were courteous and professional.  They made sure the fit and finish was to my satisfaction, and I was very pleased with the job they did.                                                                      11/9/11                                                                                                                                                                                    M. Townsend

       Cory and Jason came out on 10/3/11.  They arrived on time and got right to work.  I was very happy with the quality of their workmanship.  I had the front side refinished along with two extra coats of UV protecting. Cory and Jason worked hard.  I had them add a cushion strip to correct the gap between the door and the frame.  Cory went above and beyond to create a perfect fitting door. I now have a better looking and working door then before their visit. I would recommend them to anyone who needs a beautiful door.

Sarah and Devin refinished my door today and did an EXCELLENT job. They even gave me a coupon for one of the services they were performing that same day! Thanks! 10/4/11

  Cory and Jason just finished my front door and it looks amazing!  While here they replaced weather stripping on all of my doors and put a new handle set on the front door once they were done.  This is the second time I've had Rick's team out to refinish my front door, and I would never trust anyone else.  The work is always done with the highest quality and the employees are both professional and helpful.  I will continue to recommend you to all of my family and friends.  Thanks again! - Amanda B. - Spring, TX 10/1/11

   Thank you, Cory and Jason! Our front door looks wonderful! Don't know if it looked this nice when it was new. Have already recommended you to others.   Linda M  9/22/11

   Cory and Jason came last Friday to refinish my front door. They did a phenomenal job. my door has never looked so good. While they were here they also fixed my weather stripping on the back door. They were very nice, courteous, professional, efficient, and clean with their work.

  Thank you very much and I will refer you to friends and family.Thank You,  Alina Rogers 9/12/11

   Devin just refinished our front door. We were very, very pleased with his work and his demeanor. Devin was patient and courteous while explaining the process and wait time on the door. He took such pride in his work, as well he should!   The door looks great and all in one day - for Both sides of the door!      Thank You, and we would recommend you wholeheartedly!    

Mark and Susan Barnhill    9/6/11

   Dear Rick,
   I just wanted to let you know what a great job Devin and Alton did on our front door. They were very courteous and explained in detail everything they would do. I cannot believe they did the complete job in less than four hours. It was brutally hot that day also.
I appreciate the fast service and professional manner from all of your employees. I will definitely and highly recommend your company to all of my friends.
Thank You
Jim Bane-Seabrook, TX

I would like Brian and Nick to refinish my two front doors.They did a GREAT job on the 3 doors here on Woodvine Place CT. They are extremely Professional, hard working and courteous!

  Job Well Done!
Devin and Alton did a wonderful job on my front door this morning. It looks brand new! They were both very professional, which I appreciate. I received a cheaper estimate from someone who barely spoke english. I am so glad I found you instead. Do you have a location in Austin? I have a rental home there that is in need of your services.
Thanks again!
Bobbi Noethlich

  I just wanted to let you all know how PLEASED I am by the results I received from your company. My door looks FABULOUS! I couldn't be any happier with the results. The crew that came to my house, Cory and Collin, were simply great! They got it done quickly, efficiently and most of all, beautifully. Such pleasant guys to have working on my door! I will be singing your praises to anyone who asks about my new door! Thank you again!
Lexie C.

  I normally don’t write reviews or praise someone just for doing a job I hired a company to be done, but I was so surprised by what I found when I got home this evening.
First let me say that I was greatly surprised with your customer service. In today's business practices, of fast service, mass production, and all about making a buck; it is extremely refreshing to find a company, especially a new company, exhibit the type of care and service that you give your customers.
Not only that, it is indeed a rare privilege to have a company employee, who is so well mannered and polite, extremely professional, exhibits such pride and attention to detail, as well as knowledgeable in their product and the procedures required of the job. I have never been so pleased with a finished product or service. Again it was indeed a pleasure to see such a young man, like Devin, represent your company with such high standards.

S Lacy

  Thank you, thank you, thank you!     I love my front door, it is beautiful!  -Monica Binkley
  Devin just finished. He's a wonderful employee. very courteous, and conscientious. would like have him on the one year follow up.
thanks Vaughn Poe

  Hi Jessica - it looks like everything is going well with our door refinishing block party today. Tom Flynn gave me a check for his service, but I would like to pay by credit card and I think you told me that you would need to PayPal bill me for credit card payments.
Can you email over an invoice?

Just wanted to give recognition to both Brian and Nick for the fantastic work they did 2 weeks ago on our front doors!. The quality of work and focus to detail was outstanding – our doors are beautiful.
Please extend my thanks to both for outstanding quality , professionalism and service – needless to say, we are extremely pleased.
Thanks again.
Robert Samudio Jr.

  I just want to tell you how pleased I was with your service. Your crew came to my home last Friday morning and I found them to be very courteous and professional. They did a wonderful job and my door looks like new again. I will use your service again and I will tell my neighbors what a good job y'all did. Again, thanks to you and your crew....
Mark Kilty 6/20/11 

  Thank you for the hard work, the door looks great! I have paid using PayPal and received confirmation. If there is a problem please don't hesitate to call me.
Dylan Schopper

  You guys did such a great job! I love my front door again!
Dana Wright

  Misty and Sarah were a pleasure to do business with. Both worked very hard. They were professional and finished sooner than I expected. Great Job! I will recommend their work with confidence.
Patricia Jones

  Cory & Misty just finished my front door which now looks better than new! Great work, great workers, very pleased.

  I really appreciated the great job that Sarah and misty did. They were very nice and got the job done quickly. They know what they are doing. I also appreciated their help in choosing a color. I love it.
Thanks. Jan

  I could not be more pleased with the way my front door turned out! The employees were friendly, got down to business right away, and they did a wonderful job restoring the finish. First impressions go a long way, and the front door is a good start!

  Sarah and team member arrived a few minutes early and did a fantastic job on our beveled glass front door. Sarah made sure we moved a piece of furniture in our entry way before they moved the door. After they were finished Sarah took the time to explain, in detail, everything we needed to do during the drying process and after. Thank you Sarah and team. :-)

  Just wanted to say thank you for a job well done. Corey and Misty were very professional and friendly. They took the time to explain our choices and then worked very quickly in completing the job. The door looks great and I will not hesitate to refer family and friends to you.
Many Thanks, Steve McBride

You and your team are AWESOME! Your crews are professional, prompt, courteous, and the quality of their work is SUPERB; what more could a customer ask for? As long as your around I'll never use anyone else to refinish my door. Many thanks for another great job!
Ron W
Spring Texas

  Rick, I just wanted to let you know how pleased we have been with your service over the last 2 years. The first time we used your company was 1 1/2 years ago, the guys came out and did a good job on the back door. This time there were some scheduling and employee issues, so Jessica told us there would be no charge. Toby was here Saturday, refinished the back door fast and did an excellent job!
We will definitely use your company in another 1 1/2 years or sooner
Thanks again!
Bob and Doris Melling

  I was so pleased with the way my front door looked after it was refinished by Ricks Front Door Refinishing Company that I wanted to tell others about it. The two guys who worked on my door were extremely courteous and friendly and went above and beyond what was required of them to do a good job on the door. I would hire them again without question and I would recommend them to anyone else looking for excellence in door refinishing and great service.
Kathy J.

  Just wanted to drop a note and let you know how professional your crew was. Cory and Kim did a Wonderful job and my front door is beautiful. They were very knowledgeable about the process and answered all of my questions. I will gladly pass your name around for refinishing beautiful doors. Thank you so much.
T Dittmann

  Cory did an amazing job! Thanks Guys, really appreciate your prompt and friendly service, thanks for giving us our new door back!
A Silknitter

  Just wanted to say thank you for a job well done. Cory and Misty were very friendly and professional. They took the time to explain our choices and then worked very quickly in completing the job. The door looks great and I will not Hesitate to refer family and Friends to you......
Many Thanks,
S McBride

  Your people are here right now and they are doing a terrific job! They are friendly, courteous, knowledgeable, and very Professional. I'm sure when they leave , I'll be a happy customer!
Very Truly.
E. Brown

  Sarah and Tim did an outstanding job on my door this morning! They were on time and explained what caused my doors condition. They completed the work in 3 hours and explained how to care for the finish. I am very happy with this experience and will recommend Rick's in the future. Thanks again Sarah and Tim!
L Daniels

 Our doors look Fabulous. I don't remember it looking this good when it was first installed......Thank You
R Sommer, Ph.D.

 I just wanted to tell you I wasn't home when Sarah left, but our doors are BEAUTIFUL!
I have to say that I was very impressed with how she stayed positive, even when so many things seemed to be going wrong at certain points.
I really appreciate her character and her positiveness. My husband was impressed with her and your team as well.
So thank you very much, we love our doors. This is a verbal hug for Sarah......

Kerry Sills
Katy TX

Just wanted to tell you thank you for sending Sarah and Misty to our house to refinish our front door. It looks awesome. We are very happy with their work. They answered all our questions and were very helpful in picking the color of stain to accent our brick/shutters. I will recommend your company to our friends and neighbors.
Molly Brunson

You performed some work for us. I am 100% satisfied with the work that was done. We've had many visitors during the Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years holidays. The first impression for our family and guests is the wait at the door until we answer. I thought my door was beyond refinishing when I called you. You did EXCELLENT work. I took before and after pictures. I will recommend you to anyone who needs refinish work. You completed the work ahead of schedule. You installed the new hardware I purchased (which I must recommend to everyone who refinishes their doors)including the keying. Thanks for a great first impression.
Eric Swanson

  Hi Rick, just a quick note to say my doors look BEAUTIFUL, I had looked around and the fact that your a member of the BBB set my mind at ease. You just can't be too sure anymore. Thanks again
Sarah G. Woodlands

  Edward did our door on Saturday and we are very, very pleased with the results! He was courteous, professional, skilled, and our door looks brand new! Thank you!

  Hello Rick,
I want to say what a good job that the guy did on my door. I wish to pay using American Express please.
William L

  Great job on the door - it looks brand new!

  Hello Ricky,
Just a quick note to let you know that your man did a nice job on the door. He was very friendly, did the job quick, and cleaned up nice. Would recommend you.
Nathan M.
Houston 77077

  We had our front door refinished this past Saturday, and we still can't stop looking at it. The service was excellent and very professional, and the results were amazing. Thank you so much for making our door beautiful again!
Amanda B.
Spring TX

Rick was great! Not only did he start when promised, he went the extra mile in solving some unforeseen problems that cropped up during the refinishing process. My wife is very particular and she has nothing but praise about the finish on the door, door frame and sidelight. This is the fourth time We've had the door and woodwork redone; just wished I’ll found Rick much sooner. Definitely superior work at a fair price.
Jesse B
Texas 77095

  My husband and I have been wanting to replace our ugly, warping door. We decided to have it refinished instead. This morning, Ricky from Rick's Front Door Refinishing came out to work on it. He is a miracle worker! It looks brand new! If anyone is thinking about sprucing up your curb appeal with a new door, I highly recommend Ricky! He is very professional, does everything on site and his services are very reasonably priced. His information is as follows":
Rick's Front Door Refinishing
Ana M

  Thanks for the recommendation. My door was also in bad shape.
I just had Rick (Rick's Front Door refinishing) over to refinish my front door.
Nicest guy and very professional. The door looks brand new at a very reasonable price. He did a great job - I'd definitely recommend him for door refinishing!
Jacob T
Springbook, Pearland

  Hey Rick, I can't stop admiring my "new" front door, you really did a great job!
Jackie R